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The Antebellum Diaspora Project could use your support.  Here’s how you can help…

I will be traveling around the country to meet my newfound family from all over the US and with your help, I will be blogging and vlogging about my experiences and creating cool content to share what I've learned about genealogy research.  I'll also be speaking at libraries, meet-ups, genealogy events, and conferences. Your donations will help me to continue my research for a documentary project, make music and perform with amazing musicians, and share those experiences with you and others.  Donating at Patreon will give you access to content that others won't have access to, and it will allow you to get some pretty awesome The Antebellum Diaspora Project merchandise that will be coming soon. No donation is too small. 

Click on the Patreon link to donate!

Thank you for supporting the

The Antebellum Diaspora Project!

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