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The Antebellum Diaspora Project could use your support.  Here’s how you can help…

The Antebellum Diaspora Project is a descendants' reunification project centered on people whose ancestors were emancipated from slavery in the United States in 1865. The project seeks to acknowledge the humanity of the enslaved and to tell their stories in an effort to reunite their families today while exploring the modern-day effects of historical forced migration and family separations in the US.

Your contributions will help me to travel, create media, and share tools to help others duplicate my efforts to reunite their families that were separated by antebellum slavery.  I will be blogging and vlogging about my experiences and creating cool content to share what I've learned about genealogy research and how tools like social media and DNA testing can help with this mission. 

Your support will also allow me to travel to speak at libraries, genealogy events, and conferences. Your donations will help me to continue filming my documentary project and share those experiences with you through social media.   No donation is too small. 

Thank you for supporting the

The Antebellum Diaspora Project!

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